T273 Computer Repair
This course is designed for students interested in computer repair. Students will have hands on experience servicing Windows-based computers. Areas of computer study include: construction, disassembly and assembly, installation and configuration of operating systems, modifying and upgrading of circuits, Windows, and utilities. Students will have learning opportunities in the areas of: safety and preventative maintenance, removal and installation of field replaceable units, backing up and restoring files, configuration and utilization of video circuits, Windows, modems, I/O addresses, interrupt request lines, direct memory access, network interface cards, network connections, and the diagnosing/troubleshooting of malfunctioning systems. Completion of this course will prepare students to earn A+ Certification.

PREREQUISITE: M117 Algebra or equivalent.

LEVEL: 2,3,4

One Year – One Credit

Not available during the 2017-2018 school year.