T245 Woodworking Technology
Woodworking Technology is designed for the beginning to intermediate student. This one-year course includes instructional units in safety, layout and measurement, equipment and processes, cabinet making, furniture construction, lathe turning, and career/consumer awareness. These hands-on units are geared for preparing students for future courses as well as helpful household knowledge of wood working procedures. Project material fees are required and vary with the various project selections.

LEVEL: 2,3,4

One Year – One Credit

Teacher: Mr. Walser

T347, T447 Woodworking Technology Independent Study
These courses will allow students who are interested in pursuing a career in the field of woodworking to gain additional knowledge and experience in an area of particular interest. With the help and supervision of the instructor, students explore in-depth such areas as cabinet making, building construction, wood technology, laminating, and bending or other related areas.
Students working on independent study projects must show personal initiative and self-direction in developing goals and carrying out plans. Research, experimentation, project construction and report writing are among appropriate student activities. With the instructor’s approval, planned activities may take place outside of the classroom.

PREREQUISITE: Instructor’s approval and successful completion of T245 Wood Technology.

LEVEL: 3,4

One-Half Year – One-Half Credit or One Year – One Credit per School Year

Teacher: Mr. Walser