Class of 2018 iPad Purchase Information

Graduates of 2018,

Excitement about graduation continues to build as seniors approach the end of their high school careers. The faculty and staff of District 211 appreciates your continued support and feedback regarding our One-to-One program. District 211 provides graduating seniors the opportunity to purchase their currently assigned iPad. At this time, we are excited to announce a $30 reduction in the purchase price.

The cost for the Class of 2018 is now $100. In addition, we have extended the deadline for purchase to May 11, 2018.


  • Who is eligible to purchase: Your student must be in good standing relative to graduation requirements and all outstanding school obligations must be satisfied.
  • What iPad will they be purchasing: Students may purchase their currently assigned iPad Air.
  • Cost: iPad Air – $100
  • What is included in the purchase: The purchase will include the iPad, case, lightning cable, and charging block. No replacement will be provided for lost or damaged accessories.
  • What is the deadline for purchase: Payments must be made in-full no later than May 11, 2018. No payments will be accepted after May 11, 2018
  • How can purchases be made: The iPad can be purchased either online through the Parent Portal or directly at the building cashier. To purchase online, login to the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. Click on Registration and Lunch Prepayment then go to “Misc Fees”. iPad Purchase will be an option to select.

What happens when the iPad is purchased?

  • Upon receipt of payment, all District-owned apps and licenses will be staged for return to District ownership.
  • District-owned apps and licenses will be removed from the iPad on May 16, 2018.
  • After District-owned apps and licenses have been removed, District 211 relinquishes responsibility for the iPad and its accessories. Additionally, the District 211 iPad Protection Plan coverage will end and technology support for the device will no longer be provided through the District.
  • To prepare for the purchase, your student should begin backing up the iPad and data consistently to Google Drive or another personal online storage service. Best practices on protecting your data will be provided via Schoology and a future email.

What if a student doesn’t want to purchase the iPad?

Graduates who do not purchase their assigned iPad are required to turn in the device, case, and all accessories (in working condition) no later than May 16, 2018.

The school’s technology team will review the physical status of the iPad, charging block, lightning cable, and case. Final costs for damages or replacement are dependent upon participation in the optional District 211 iPad Protection Plan.

Repair and replacement costs will be assessed as shown in the chart on the reverse side of this letter.


iPad Repair and Replacement Cost Chart

iPad Air & Equipment: Uninsured Costs Insured Costs
• iPad Air – 16GB Black Repairable Damage

◊ Evaluation of loss or damage to screen, speakers, headphone jack, or cameras.

at rate repair cost
Claim 1 – $25.00

Claim 2 – $50.00

Claim 3 – $100.00

Claim 4 – $150.00

• iPad Air – 16GB Black Unrepairable Damage or Lost/Stolen device

◊ Evaluation of loss or damage to screen, speakers, headphone jack, or cameras.

$300.00 Claim 1 – $75.00

Claim 2 – $100.00

Claim 3 – $150.00

Claim 4 – $200.00

• iPad Air Case

◊ Evaluation of loss or damage

$30.00 $30.00
• iPad Air Apple Charging Brick

◊ Evaluation of loss or damage.

$20.00 $20.00
• iPad Air Apple Lightning to USB Cable

◊ Evaluation of loss or damage.

$20.00 $20.00

If you have any questions about purchasing an iPad, please contact the technology team at 847-755-5761.

Josh Schumacher, Principal
Hoffman Estates High School